And so it begins…

North Cambridge Station, June 2018.

Driving home from work today, 39.6km down the Kwinana Freeway to Wellard, I was reflecting on the fact that I don’t do enough writing anymore. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I wrote out a paragraph. You know - it begins with a topic sentence or two, some evidence, a touch of analysis and then a concluding sentence that reaches out and slaps the butt of the following paragraph (with consent of course). 

Even while studying photography at university level a year or two ago writing wasn’t something that I was naturally inclined to do, save for the day before a deadline when I realised whipping up an exegesis wasn’t, indeed a case of “easy-peasy”, “no wuckers mate” or “she’ll be right”. She was usually right, but only just. 

In an effort to work on the efficacy of my words, I have created this blog. My goal is to write something - ANYTHING - each weekday. No word limits, no referencing style - hell I might just post a single photo I liked some days. The point though, at least as rationalised in my head, is that if I begin to get better at expressing what I’m think, then perhaps I’ll get better at thinking itself. 

So, what will I write about? In an effort to maintain some semblance of consistency the blog will for the most part be about photography. My photography, brilliant photography, shitty photography (none of these are mutually exclusive) or anything else photographic. I have some ideas for topics relating to new work I’m developing (keep your peepers peeled) as well as technical questions I promised to answer years ago via my forgotten and ill-fated YouTube channel. You are, however, free to comment below with any topics you care to read my thoughts on (the EGOTISM can you believe it?!). 

That’s about all I have to say for now - I’ll leave you with an image from ‘Round Midday by Perth’s Daniel Gevaux which is being exhibited with the Perth Centre for Photography at the Holmes à Court Gallery in Perth.

The Hydroseed, Daniel Gevaux, 85x100cm. Giclee Print Ed 1/5.

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