In March of 2016 I finally got my driver's license. This newly found freedom to move throughout the world greatly affected the way that I make pictures. 

As with many photographer's I became attracted to the grand tradition of American "on-the-road" photography, started by the likes of Robert Frank and continued by the likes of Stephen Shore and Alec Soth. 

This romantic notion of travelling through a landscape with no definite destination whilst making photographs lead me to picking a point directly east from my home town on Perth, on the west coast of Australia. The town of Merredin was exactly one full tank of petrol away and seemed like it fit the description of "nowhere definite". 

When I returned from Merredin I was fascinated by it's bizarre position in contemporary Western Australia, as an old, tired wheat town. I sought about remapping it's history through google image searches which would often lead me on my own, aimless voyage of the internet.

These images are my response to the freedom of aimlessness and searching without an idea of what you are looking for. Weaving together both new and found it constructs a lyrical meditation on both the tradition of Photography and history itself. 

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